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ISO/IEC 27045

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ISO/IEC 27045 — Information technology — Security techniques — Big data security and privacy processes (draft)




Scope and purpose

The standard will deliver process reference, assessment and maturity models for big data security and privacy.

The models will focus on architecture of the processes used to achieve big data security and privacy, particularly the maturity of those processes.

The processes will include a set of indicators of process performance and process capability to be used as a basis for collecting objective evidence, enabling an assessor to assign ratings.


Status of the standard

Status: the project was initiated in April 2018.  Publication is not expected until 2022.


Personal comments

I do not know, yet, what is meant by “big data” in the context of this standard: it may simply refer to conventional but large, complex, high volume IT systems, or the more extreme versions doing serious heavy-lifting where conventional database and systems approaches do not work.  We shall see.


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