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ISO/IEC 27100

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ISO/IEC 27100 — Information technology — Security techniques — Cybersecurity — Overview and concepts [DRAFT]


The standard will provide an overview of cybersecurity, describing relevant concepts.

Scope of the standard

The standard will enable the concepts of cybersecurity to be shared and discussed.

It will compare and constrast cybersecurity with [the ISO27k version of] information security. .

It will apply within an organization, in relationships between organizations and more broadly across society.

It will be particularly relevant to management.

Cybersecurity has emerged as a critical topic globally. While it has similarities to information security, it is different [in ways that are not yet clear]. It is neither well understood nor defined nor standardized with different interpretations and disparate regulations, increasing costs and burdens for industry and society. The standard will guide stakeholders to help alleviate these burdens and create coherence.

Content of the standard



The standards project started in May 2018.  It is unlikely to be published before 2021.


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