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ISO/IEC TR 27563

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ISO/IEC TR 27563:2023 Security and privacy in artificial intelligence use cases Best practices (first edition)



“[ISO/IEC TR 27563] outlines best practices on assessing security and privacy in artificial intelligence use cases, covering in particular those published in ISO/IEC TR 24030.

    The following aspects are addressed:

    - an overall assessment of security and privacy on the AI system of interest;

    - security and privacy concerns;

    - security and privacy risks;

    - security and privacy controls;

    - security and privacy assurance; and

    - security and privacy plans.

Security and privacy are treated separately as the analysis of security and the analysis of privacy can differ.”
[Source: ISO/IEC TR 27563:2023]


This Technical Report analyses and elaborates on the information security and privacy aspects of the 132 use cases for Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning systems published in ISO/IEC TR 24030:2021 “Information technology - Artificial Intelligence (AI) - use cases”, and provides four additional use cases developed specifically for this TR.


Scope of the standard

The standard offers information security and privacy best practice guidance following analysis of ISO/IEC 24030’s use cases.


Content of the standard

The information security and privacy implications for related groups of AI/ML use cases have been systematically analysed. The results are summarised in bar charts, followed by tables elaborating on the analyses in a standard format.



The standard was published in May 2023.


Personal notes

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