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ISO/IEC TR 27109 Cybersecurity education (pre-DRAFT)



“This preliminary work item is considering the development of a technical report on cyber education.”
[Source: SC27 Standing Document 11 (2021)]




Scope of the standard



Content of the standard

July status update The preliminary draft and comments thereon suggest this standard may list/mention applicable national guidance, strategies or regulations relating to cybersecurity awareness and training ...



Despite having an ISO27k number already, this is currently a Preliminary Work Item - essentially a project proposal, under discussion within SC 27.

If approved, the project is destined to produce a Technical Report.

An initial donor document is being discussed within SC27.


Personal notes

It would be good if this standard clarified the meaning of ‘cyber’ in order to educate those using the term. Fat chance!

July status update If national requirements are listed, the details would need to be collated and managed indefinitely, implying a stream of maintenance updates to keep the standard reasonably accurate and current. Why is such an approach even being considered? Other international standards don’t usually attempt to list national aspects except perhaps as examples.



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